Our Mission

To provide valued quality products and services that enable seamless and efficient IT capabilities within organizations.

Why do we exist?

During our more than 30 years helping companies of all sizes and segments around the world, we’ve detected that most companies have more questions than answers in adopting emerging technologies effectively and end up wasting huge amounts of money.

That’s why we decided to become the bridge between enterprises and technology, so companies can capitalize on technology while never having to worry on these issues again.

Typical Obstacles

Randomized information

There is too much dispersed information but not necessarily with the elements needed nor practical or actionable.


It’s not clear where and how to start with the technology, nor an evolution on the maturity process specific for them or their needs.

Biased information

Most information is not agnostic, depends on whoever publishes interests.

Inefficient Management

Specifically in Cloud Services, there is a lack of management and operations process documentation and best practices for basic activities like cost control, budgeting and seamless integration.

Our experts

With more than 30 years of experience, our experts are ready to tackle any challenges ahead.

Operations Consultants

Our Operations Consultants are ITIL Service Manager and OneCloud Service Managers ready to align and deliver the cloud to your business.

Cloud Architects

Our Cloud architects are former Microsoft Architects who now follow the OneCloud Management Framework™. The OneCloud Management Framework has enabled them to build cloud services that are aligned to your business that can be easily managed.

Software Developers

One size never fits all. Solutions rarely are a perfect fit for every business, our developers will custom fit solutions to your business needs and modernize your legacy services so that they can leverage the cloud to its maximum potential.



Carmelo Milián, Chief Technology Office

Carmelo Milián

Chief Technology Officer

Luis Fernando Gómez, the Chief Executive Officer

Luis Fernando Gómez

Chief Executive Officer

Ron B. Palmer

Ron B. Palmer