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OneCloud AI

A software as a service multi-cloud solution that allows companies to seamlessly work across Azure, AWS their on-premise environment or any other cloud while enabling you to:

Manage and operate services/resources in all clouds from a single console.

Understand cost implications and options as switching between clouds.

Enable cost swap and containerization between clouds.

Consolidated or individual cloud reporting, intelligence and analytics including SLA analysis.

Containerization as a ServiceAddon


Easily create containers by accessing your existing solution via FTP, FTPS or SSH and publish it to the cloud of your choice.


Enjoy the control


Consolidate and visualize one or more cloud providers information in a single dashboard


Analyze one or more cloud costs, trends, forecast and budget in a single console


Logical resources grouping, even in multiple clouds, for cost, budget and forecast analytics


Visualize current costs and compare them with other clouds


Deliver service and cloud availability from individual resources to overall delivered service


Establish accountability by aligning service managers with their cloud resources


Provide the required reporting tools for service credit requests to cloud providers



Single Cloud

Multi Cloud

One user



From 2 to 5 users



6 or more users



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use/acquire your products outside of US?

Yes, our products are Software as a Services (SaaS) which means they can be used with a subscription to them anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet.

In what countries do you provide the professional services?

Even though we don’t have offices abroad, our specialists are willing to travel where they are needed.


Can I pay with a non-US credit card?

Yes, most credit cards are welcome.

Can I use a non-US bank account for annual contracts?

Unfortunately not yet. For our product subscriptions we can only accept interbank transactions within the US, anything else should be through credit card transactions.

Who can we call or where can we go for help?

To contact us via phone, dial 1 (888) 323-5275. Or if you prefer email, write us to

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